FARAH BOUROGAA is a brand established in 2018

FARAH BOUROGAA is a brand established in 2018.

After years of searching for a meaning of true love of self, we have decided to build a label to encourage all women to be part of the exploration journey, in order to spread diversity of beauty in all of you through all of us. It is a tribute to all Women; all of you. It is an homage to beauty, starting from your inner self blossoming, to what you become as a whole. Each piece has been tailored with a touch of creativity in addition to twists inspiration. The conception of the pieces was meant to be part of a timeless wardrobe, fitting women from distinct backgrounds, serving diversity as much as it can. Our aim is to spread self-love and promote existing beauty that isn’t defined or retouched by societies and the limitations of the fashion industry. We hope our pieces add an edge to your quotidian style. Remember, you give the pieces meaning.