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Entrepreneurial spirit, unified taste, limitless ambition, colossal drive. These are just a few motivations that entice you into owning a Landmark in Zafaf World.

Unparalleled product

Zafaf magazine is a women-focused wedding and event life style magazine. Every issue holds columns, guidance, tips, trends, photography, photographs of fashion style and real weddings, all planned to assist the woman and potential bride to blueprint their lifestyle and the wedding of their dreams. Issued Bi-monthly (6 issues/year), the magazine is obtainable for sale at major libraries, bookshops and other points of sale in our target markets. Additionally, Zafaf magazine is available at chief regional bridal shows as well as in well-known bridal shops. Zafaf magazine is dedicated for every woman from 18 to 65 including the bride-to-be in Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, and the GCC countries. As the reader discovers our well designed and information-filled pages, the reader will realize that Zafaf magazine is the best choice and the leading publishing out of the different women/wedding-focused catalogues available in the market.

Unique experience 

At Zafaf Magazine, We believe in fashion and all its magnificent paradoxes: stylish and superficial; exclusive and inclusive; fun and serious; art and commerce. We believe in beauty, as both a science and an art. As well as, we believe in the fancy of a stunning life – and the certainty of simply getting the best.

Dedicated team 

ZAFAF MAGAZINE is composed of dedicated people. Dedicated to their passion, your passion, we crave to share our passion for presenting the latest fashion and lifestyle trends in special case the wedding and event aspects, the facts are clientele will find their destination and needs under one roof guide.

Passionate readers 

Wedding and event aspects are our fervor at Zafaf magazine, which is why clientele will hit upon the latest styles and fashion industry starting from the gowns by the leading designers, down to the photographers, and accessories. And because a perfect woman calls for a perfect look, and a perfect bride calls for the perfect day, we also illustrate the most stunning accessories, decoration equipment, sound and light, fireworks, planning tips, invitations, venues, home appliances, hair and makeup styles, etc… Throughout their final decisions, couples as well as women can turn to our magazine especially to the real weddings section to be motivated by what couples have done, whether their big day took place on a mountaintop in July or in an impressive castle during the holidays.
Zafaf magazine circulates the message of advertisers all across different countries including Kuwait, Lebanon, Dubai, Oman and other GCC countries, In addition; when our clients succeed we succeed;
With this in mind, we endeavor to offer our advertisers every advantage we have to meet their exact requirements.
Our advertisers are important to us, as a result, Zafaf magazine struggles to understand their specific needs and listen to their ideas.
At Zafaf magazine, we will do everything within our power and even beyond in order to accommodate the advertiser’s necessities. Hence, some of the differences Zafaf magazine provides advertisers with are as follow:

  • Top-Quality first rate print, paper and finishing

  • Largest format size for ads

  • Outstanding leading-edge content

  • Leader in publishing current fashion, lifestyle and wedding trends

  • Innovative, Intelligent, Irresistible

  • Website portraying the magazine

  • The website goal is to reach the 100,000 hits per month

  • Affordable top-tier advertising opportunities

  • Instagram and snap – Zafaf strong social media arm